September 11, 2001

Requeim: Images of Ground Zero was released by Barnes & Noble Publishing in August of 2002. The first edition printing of 35,000 copies is currently sold-out nationwide. The forward to the book is by FDNY Assistant Chief of Operations Joseph Pfeifer. The 200 page hardcover edition may be found second hand on the internet and I have about 30 autographed limited edition copies with extra perks that sells for $225.00. If a re-print is done, it will be postedon this website. I have received many inquiries as to why Barnes & Noble isn'tcurrently reprinting the book. I forward those to, as may you direct your Requiem questions.

This book, the only book to take viewers into the private, emotionally charged world of Ground Zero recovery workers and hailed by the New York Times, has allowed me to raise funds for different 9/11 charities. It's unfortunate that it isn't available right now but perhaps your inquiries to Barnes & Noble Publishing will change that.

Here's an interesting fact: The firefighter kneeling in thedirt on the cover of REQUIEM is Oscar Garcia of Ladder 8, the "Ghostbusters" firehouse.When I tracked him down and showed him the photo, he told me that he was saying a little prayer for his fallen brothers, which he often did while digging. The photo was taken in February, 2002, at around 7:00AM, just minutes after the sun had risen. It was taken at the base of where the North Tower stood and the wires protruding next to him are what's called a "TRUSS". They were blamed for the collapse of the Towers as those skinny trusses held up giant, multi-ton beams, so when the heat melted the trusses, everything collapsed.

An interesting scientific fact on why the Towers collapsed, however the true reason the Towers collapsed was because little chicken terrorists who couldn't beat up an 8th grader took boxcutters onto our airplanes and flew them into where innocent civilians worked. Why did they do this? Because they are insanely jealous of the freedoms that we represent.


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