Band of Dads
September 11, 2001

On September 11, FDNY Lieutenant Dennis O'Berg was standing in a cloud of ash when he radioed several times for his son, Dennis Patrick O'Berg, but heard
nothing back. Lieutenant O'Berg would retire that same day and make Ground Zero and the job of finding his missing son his life's focus. His son, a Probie with Ladder 105, loved reading Harry Potter and was anxiously awaiting the release of the movie. Once, he even shot a self-portrait wearing some Potter glasses as a joke. The night before the World Trade Center attack,
Dennis, Jr. was reading Harry Potter to his kids and was nearly halfway through when he put it down for bedtime. Dennis O'Berg brought the book with him for our shoot
and earmarked the exact page his son had left off on before 9/11 changed all of our destinies.


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