I am in the process of setting up a new fund that will use financial
contributions to donate new kitchen appliances, T.V's, weighlifting
equipment, etc. to Manhattan firehouses and also to those around
the United States that really need them. Fire companies will be
able to send an email request to a special account set up on this site.
The donations will not consist of firefighting equipment, but instead
items used around the firehouse. When firemen aren't fighting fires
or out performing drills, they spend a considerable amount of time
around the firehouse, so this fund will hopefully make their "downtime"
a little nicer. In addition, there will be a list furnished on the site
that breaks down each giftand to whom it went.

Where will these funds come from?
Well, it turns out that a feature film that I wrote
in 2002, which is Ground Zero-themed, has been funded and
is going into production in the next year. So far, Oscar-
Winning actress Olympia Dukakis will be lending her talents
to this touching film and more A-List actors are currently
reading the script. A percentage of the films profits will be
assigned to and benefit several Fire Department charities,
one Police Fund and my new Firehouse Fund. This film,
entitled BELOW ZERO, has the potential to earn a lot
of money for these charities, so hopefully the Firehouse Fund
will bring new goodies to firehouses all over the USA in the
near future.

If you wish to donate to this fund, contact
me at In the meantime, stay tuned!

Payment is by personal money order or credit card.
Email your order to:

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