Band of Dads

Greg Fodor
September 11, 2001

Greg Fodor
It was March of 2002 when I met FDNY Lieutenant Gregory Fodor while he was digging in the North Tower area. I was changing film as we struck up a conversation, and I learned that he was searching for his missing brother, Lieutenant Michael Fodor, Jr., of Ladder 21. The Fodor family is rich in American History and patriotism. Greg revealed to me that his father, Michael Fodor, Sr., was a Navy man. "My dad was at
Pearl Harbor when the Japanese bombed it. He was assigned to the submarine base and was on a small boat called a 'motor launch' the morning the attacks took place. The Japanese planes flew right over his head. Miraculously, he survived." Greg's brother Michael and the six men of Ladder 21 he rode down with to the burning Towers were never found. From September 11 through March of 2002, Greg searched diligently. On many occasions, firefighters who worked with Michael walked up and told Greg that his brother was the
best boss they ever had. The last time I saw Greg, he said to me, "My heart goes out to all the families of the people who were lost. My brother died for the people of New York City and did so doing what he does best: fighting fires."


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