Thursday, January 31st, 2002. Was in the hole, talking with an FDNY Chief , in the North Tower area. I saw some charred papers near a steep incline. I asked the Chief if I could shoot it. He said fine but to be careful. I shot three frames. The first was of some police letter. I saw something sticking out from underneath and moved the papers. Underneath was some wet burnt papers. Three pages. They were from the Bible. I was awed. I took two pictures. It was not until later, when I got the roll back from the lab that I fell over in my chair. The page facing me..ok sit down for this one..was Genesis 11. The Tower of Babylon. I haven't quite figured out the message behind this, but I know it will come to me. I gave the photo as a gift to the Archbishop of Canterbury when I met him in St. Pauls Church at Ground Zero. He was equally as stunned. Whomever owned the Bible, his/hers yellow highlighter lines are still in the middle of the section. This is the most memorable photo for me of all of them. I just wish I had grabbed the Bible pages while I was there. But at least it's recorded on film.....

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